Thursday, 1 September 2011

How to plan for a legitimate online business

How to plan for a legitimate online business
How to plan for a legitimate online business

It is known that planning is considered the assurance to create the first step to success, in which you can use it to start your online business seeking after a successful legitimate business online.

So what is planning and how you can use it to start your business online?

Planning is simply the pre-step that you may use it by structuring the main fields and areas that your business is based on. In other words, any business requires some fundamental areas to be covered, such as a place of business, product or service to sell, target costumer...etc (you can refer to our previous posts that determined those areas)

In this step there is one more question that should be answered which is: does planning stop on structuring or it may cover other features? Well, it does mainly deal with structuring but it continues to cover other features such as the legal requirements that your online business should adopt and apply; for example: information, description, giving notices, refund, and guidance and gaining trust...etc

How you may use planning to start your business online?

In order to answer this important question there are two main areas that must be covered which are: ‘The technical area and the legal area’.

Planning regarding the technical area:

1.      The determination of business niche

2.      Specifying the subject-matter (product or service that you intend to sell)

3.      Specify the targeted customers

4.      The establishment of your online shop (where and how to sell)

5.      The mechanism of selling

6.      The additional techniques to sell (financial feature)

Planning regarding the legal area:

1.      Providing correct and sufficient information

2.      The well presentment of good or product description

3.      Providing a sufficient assurance that aim to protect users’ privacy and data

4.      Providing an agreement of use ‘terms and conditions’ (especially if your business deem commercially big)

5.      Providing a well mechanism to correct errors or mistakes

6.      Specifying the language that your final deals will form on

7.      Determine any additional terms, rights or obligations regarding to selling process

These are the basics elements and points that you may adopt in your business in order to plan for a legitimate business online. However, it should be noted that there are many other areas related to this topic, but we chose those points for the purpose of simplify this important step and providing easy method to be adopted by any user

Finally we hope that you find this post useful and helpful, and if you have any question please feel free to contact us or leave your question under this post

Mohammad Al-Thunibat

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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

How to Make an Online Claim for Money

money claim online
Making money claim online

This post covers the main structure and mechanism that shows how you can claim money online, under the services provided by what it calls e-government

First of all, I want to notify the readers that this post is specifically deals with the UK’s claims; however, to some extent the procedures are the same in the US and other European countries that provided such services. So let’s start

What is money claim online?

Making an online claim for money is a service established by the government under the sector of improving e-government. This service allow to anyone to claim his/her money online by filling an online formal form (court form) asking for his/her money as a claimant

In the UK, this service is provided by the UK Government Gateway, which established a trusted website for such kind of claims (MCOL: Money Claim Online)

Before making your claim

It should be minded that this service shall be your last option, as there are other ways to ask for your money such as by contacting directly with the defendant or through mediation; whereas this service considers expensive comparing to the other procedures and the result is not guaranteed.

Online claim restrictions

1.      Your claim must be under 100.000.00£

2.      You must ensure that your claim fall under the requirements that such service require, this is the claimant responsibility

3.      The claimant must be at least 18 years old

4.      The claim must be set against no more than two individuals or organisations

5.      In the UK, the place of the claim are restricted in England and Wales, as the claimant must provide a valid postcode to the specified address regarding these places

6.       The claimant must not be getting a legal aid

7.      The claimant must not be prevented by the court from making claims, because he/she is a ‘vexatious litigant’ (someone who uses court cases to harass other people)

The requirements needed to make an online claim

1.      You should register with MCOL website:

A.      You need (first and last name and an e-mail)

B.      You must choose to register as an individual or as an organisation

C.      Once you registered (choosing a password) you will be given an ID number for the Government Gateway and a Money Claim Online customer number.

2.      You have to fill the provided form (court form). Herein, you will be asked for these information:

A.      The title, name, address and postcode of the defendant

B.      The exact amount of money you are asking for, including interest (which is 8% of the amount each year)

C.      The details of your claim (the particulars of claim). Make sure to provide as much as you can of your claim. The form is limited to a certain number of words, so if you have more details to add you can mention that in the summary you made and declare that you will provide in future more details regarding your claim. In this case, you must send these details to the court and the defendant within 14 days from submitting your claim. However, you must send to the court a “certificate of service” form

D.     Payment details (your credit or debit card details, to pay for the costs of your claim)

E.      Your e-mail address

Make sure that the information you input are correct, where you may be charged a fee in case there was a mistake

3.      Saving the form. The site will give you the opportunity to save your form for a period specified for 28 days

4.      Payment (paying the court fees). You must pay for court fees as a followed process, the payment may be via your credit or debit card. (court fees)

5.      After these processes you can submit your form. And you can check the progress of your claim through this site at any time but the site will be updated during business hours

I hope that you find this post useful and helpful. This post relied mainly on the data provided by the website and MCOL website

Mohammad Al-Thunibat

M & T