Saturday, 6 August 2011

Online Business 2011 : A great new opportunity to make money online!!!

online business 2011
Online Business 2011 : A great new opportunity to make money online!!!

I’m writing this post to inform you all that I found the latest, real, amazing and powerful online business that can make you a huge sum of money in no time with no experience!!! (Sounds too good to be true, right??)

Do you know what I’m talking about??? No it’s not a software, system or program and it’s not an affiliate or a kind of online marketing

What you are looking for to generate wealth and happiness is simply this amazing opportunity!!! (This is a common lie that scammers use)

But, the fact is simply that any legitimate and success online business is (YOU), YES YOU!!! DO YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE {THIS IS THE REALITY}: ONLINE BUSINESS AND MARKETING ESTABLISHED TO REACH TO US (ONLINE USERS)

Now do you believe me if I said that I’ve just given you the main concept of how you can set a legitimate online business, (no or yes?? Please think carefully). Ok, what I’m asking is simply think about, adopt and apply these facts, steps and tips:

Ø  You are the owner and the seller (or the buyer!!!). Sell what you own or what you gain knowledge about (for example write and sell eBooks, or a book you read) in order to describe it as it should be. Acknowledge the fact that you must think as a buyer in order to sell your product, so set your business in a way that satisfied you as a buyer (is it hard to be true or adoptable? I do not think so)

Ø  Set your own online shop (site or blog), or sell through a trusty site such as Amazon or eBay...etc (you have a huge number of sites to choose from, some services might be free)

Ø  Use yourself as the only marketer or advertiser to your business before using others to promote your business (decrease the potential of abusing your service)

Ø  Do not pay to others to help you build your business, you can do it alone (search, look and read in order to develop your knowledge and skills, it might take some time but it is a great way to legalise your business or activity)

Ø  Ask for feedback and reviews to evaluate your own business, service and product

Ø  Set your own terms and conditions to legalise your business (do not set an oppressive term)

Ø  Establish a good policy that secure your users’ privacy and data

Ø  Protect your costumers (build a trust)

Ø  Build a good relation with your costumers

Ø  Act in accordance to the principle of good faith

So, is it clear now? (I hope so)

You are the business itself, the owner, seller, marketer, advertiser, builder or maybe the product... which you can control and assure its legitimacy and grant the necessary protection for your users or costumers; in which any online user may find your business realistic, legitimate and secure so he/she will advantage by dealing with such unique business. However, you may use others in futures to promote and market your business when it becomes beneficial

This is how you can gain money online (reasonable and legitimate,) by setting a small online business; (fact without any scam). Looking forward to read your comments, reviews and tips

Mohammad Al-Thunibat

“E-Commerce Lawyer”

M & T (Your Legal Team)

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