Thursday, 1 September 2011

How to plan for a legitimate online business

How to plan for a legitimate online business
How to plan for a legitimate online business

It is known that planning is considered the assurance to create the first step to success, in which you can use it to start your online business seeking after a successful legitimate business online.

So what is planning and how you can use it to start your business online?

Planning is simply the pre-step that you may use it by structuring the main fields and areas that your business is based on. In other words, any business requires some fundamental areas to be covered, such as a place of business, product or service to sell, target costumer...etc (you can refer to our previous posts that determined those areas)

In this step there is one more question that should be answered which is: does planning stop on structuring or it may cover other features? Well, it does mainly deal with structuring but it continues to cover other features such as the legal requirements that your online business should adopt and apply; for example: information, description, giving notices, refund, and guidance and gaining trust...etc

How you may use planning to start your business online?

In order to answer this important question there are two main areas that must be covered which are: ‘The technical area and the legal area’.

Planning regarding the technical area:

1.      The determination of business niche

2.      Specifying the subject-matter (product or service that you intend to sell)

3.      Specify the targeted customers

4.      The establishment of your online shop (where and how to sell)

5.      The mechanism of selling

6.      The additional techniques to sell (financial feature)

Planning regarding the legal area:

1.      Providing correct and sufficient information

2.      The well presentment of good or product description

3.      Providing a sufficient assurance that aim to protect users’ privacy and data

4.      Providing an agreement of use ‘terms and conditions’ (especially if your business deem commercially big)

5.      Providing a well mechanism to correct errors or mistakes

6.      Specifying the language that your final deals will form on

7.      Determine any additional terms, rights or obligations regarding to selling process

These are the basics elements and points that you may adopt in your business in order to plan for a legitimate business online. However, it should be noted that there are many other areas related to this topic, but we chose those points for the purpose of simplify this important step and providing easy method to be adopted by any user

Finally we hope that you find this post useful and helpful, and if you have any question please feel free to contact us or leave your question under this post

Mohammad Al-Thunibat

M & T (your legal team)


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