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Home Based Business (its concepts and requirements)

Home Based Business (its concepts and requirements)

Our post today is about home based business “HBB”, this type of business considers as one of the most types that users misunderstand its concept and requirements. Therefore, our aim from this post is to identify these concepts and requirements in order to clarify such type of business easily and simply

So, in order to do so these questions should be answered:

What is home based business?

Well, home based business “HDD” is: one of the small business types in which its owner operate it from his home office, using the internet or other communication tools for the purpose of communicating with his/ her customers

What kind of concepts this business rely on?

It should be noted that home based business created for the purpose of owning a business (idea, service, product...etc) which the owner may use a small number of employees (usually his/her family or friends) to facilitate and operate that business

Nevertheless, there are number of concepts that must be clear to determine such kind of business, which are:

v  Home based business is a separate type of business; which mean that this type of business is not established as one of online marketing types or for marketing purposes (you may do that), as if you do so then you deal with home based marketing not business

v  In home based business the owner own the business; by owning an idea, service, product or such in which the owner build his business to generate money by selling what he owns. (in some cases you may not own what you sell, which mean that your business bases on mix concepts that cover home based business and other types such as affiliate marketing or online marketing)

v  In home based business the owner is not (or could not be) an employee; in other words if you established a home based business then you must understand that you are the owner of that business in which no one can control that business except you, as you do not work under the control of any one. So, if you are dealing with any business that you do not control it then that business is not your own, this point is one of the scam offers that exist online in which scammers use to mislead online users by claiming that what they provide is an opportunity to gain your own business which in fact is not

v  In home based business you are entitled as an owner; the responsibility that fall upon you in home based business is not as scammers claims, as you are entitled legally as an owner when you established such type of business, in which you must be careful and prepared in case you established a home based business

What requirements should I consider in my business?

Well, there are many requirements that you should adopt and apply in your business but at least you must adopt the follows:

v  Legit business; as some types are prohibited by some regulations to be adopted as home based business. So make sure that your business is not prohibited under the provisions of your regulations

v  Legit subject-matter (idea, service, product...etc)

v  Legit purpose and tools, that you may use to operate your business (see our previous posts)

v  Legit marketing (see our previous posts)

v  Legit advertising (see our previous posts)

v  Legit description and information that you may provide to your customers (see our previous posts)

v  Security, privacy, and protection (see our previous posts)

This is briefly what you should acknowledge about the concepts and requirements of home based business. Hope you find this post useful

Note: if you are interested in such kind of business we may help you building your own home based business (in regard to the legal side), just let us know by leaving your comment under this post

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Online Marketing, is it worth to invest? "A profitable online marketing"

Online Marketing, is it worth to invest?

A profitable online marketing

This question considers one of the most common issues that concern most of the online users who are involved in such kind of marketing, or for those who are intending to involve but have not yet

Well, let’s see if this kind of marketing deems profitable to you according to the main concepts and requirements that it rely on. A profitable online marketing isthat kind of activity that purpose to create, exchange, communicate, deliver the provided offers to the targeted customers, which therein can generate a sum of money in return”. This is simply our definition of a profitable online marketing

Now, what kind of tools and requirements that can assure to you that your online marketing is profitable or it will be? And how to make it so, in case if it was not?

The tools and requirements of a profitable online marketing:

1.      Unique niche. With this fundamental ground you can be sure that you have a priority in your area, in which it can resolve of competition

2.      Well description. One of the main tools that can affect your online marketing and make it more profitable is to how extant your description can present your product or service, and to how extant it may deal with ignorance

3.      Customers. In order to set a profitable online marketing you need a special category of people that interested in your niche, which are willing to pay in return what you provide. So make sure that you have identified your targeted customers

4.      Traffic. In order to make money online you need to drive more traffic to your online shop or shop, whether it’s a site, blog or a referral page. So make sure to achieve this tool

5.      Advertisement. You need to advertise your online marketing, by placing a number of online advertisements via the web to reach to a large number of customers thereafter

These are the basics tools that you must obtain to create a profitable online marketing

How to make your online marketing profitable?

1.      Specify your targeted customers. As the more you reach to people who are interested in your niche the more your selling deems better and more profitable

2.      Provide a well description, generic and legit information. This method will grant to you that your online marketing will be understood and useable

3.      Gain an online trust. This substantive element will make your online marketing seems legit and profitable to those who are involving with it, especially those who face a lack of knowledge and suspicious

4.      Place your advertisements in the right places. Do not advertise in any site or blog which is far away from you niche

5.       Always ask for permission. Do not communicate or send any e-mail without a permission in order to attain a legit tool regarding the communication of your offers

6.      It is better to sell something you gain knowledge about or something you have tried it before, in order to describe it in proper and legal way

For more tips see our previous posts related to this topic

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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Legitimate online Marketing, ( Internet Marketing )

Internet marketing
The definition of internet marketing, and the legitimate internet marketing

“Online marketing”, “web marketing”, “digital marketing”, “email marketing”, “e-mail marketing”, “online advertising”, “internet advertising”, “a legal review in online marketing”
Our post today examines the legitimacy of internet marketing in addition to its definitions. So let’s start:

Definitions of internet marketing:
“Marketing” means: the activity set of certain body or person for the purposes of creating, reaching, facilitating, communicating, delivering and exchanging the provided offers that have a value for customers or for the targeted group

“Internet marketing” means: that kind of marketing (the definition above) that based on using the internet features and tools to reach to a large number of internet usage. Internet marketing covers most of the terms of marketing that identify below

“Online marketing” means: that kind of marketing that uses direct tools (live) which presented by online instruments such as wireless media

“Web marketing” means: that kind of marketing that exchanged via the web, by using the provided service of the web pages, such as banners

“Digital marketing” means: that kind of marketing that uses the tools provided from digital media and features, it considers as one of the types of online marketing

“Email marketing”, “E-mail marketing” means: that kind of marketing that uses email messages as a direct tool to communicate and exchange the provided offers for the customers

“Affiliate marketing” means: a process or number of processes that an active seller of a product or service that owns by the developer (owner), in return of a share of a profit. This process is considered as one of the tools that e-commerce businesses created. However, an owner in such kind of marketing may provide some helpful and extra tools to the seller that can help him to sell the product or service such as a letter, links, statistics or any other facilitate tools

“Advertising” means: the form of communication that a product or service might present by (text, images, videos...etc) to the customers to take action regarding that product or service

“Internet advertising” means: that kind of communication that set by a person or body via the internet which aims to present a product or service to the internet usage for the purpose set by the advertiser

“Online advertising” means: that kind of communication that present directly (live) by the advertiser to present his product or service to the online customers, by using for example the tool of wireless media and many others tools

The legitimacy of internet marketing and advertising:
In order to set, create, or use internet marketing or advertising in a legitimate way, you are required to abide the legal requirements governed such kind of activity, which are briefly:

1.      A legitimate aim or purpose. You are required to set and identify your aims and purposes of using such kind of marketing or advertising in a way that corresponds with the legal requirements established in regard to communicate and exchange offers in distance, (avoid scam and fraud intentions)

2.      A legitimate product, idea or service. You are required to market or advertise a legitimate product or service in which you are responsible legally in front of the person you deal with, by presenting a well description and enough information to that customer (avoid any illegal services or products, and avoid ignorance)

3.      A legitimate tool. You are required to use a direct and clear tools that allow your customers to understand and acknowledge what you are marketing or advertising (no hidden defects or links)

4.      Permission. You are required to ask for permission before you start any kind of communication or exchanging with your customers, as such permission will assure the legality of your activity. Without a permission your activity shall deem illegal (scam or spam) as it will consider unwanted or unsolicited which is prohibited under the governed laws

These are the most important keys that you should adopt and apply in order to make your activities seem legit

The differences between online marketing and online advertising:

Online marketing vs. online advertising

1.      Internet marketing is wider than internet advertising in respect of the definition, scope and use, as online advertising considers as one of the tools that online marketing have

2.      The purpose of online marketing can attach or relate to creating a new or special kind of business, while online advertising purpose to communicate with online users to present what a business or marketing can present or provide to those users

3.      The use of online (internet, digital...) marketing have many tools to be used to achieve the seeking purpose and require more knowledge and responsibility that deem wider than the use of online advertising

4.      The targeted customers that an online marketing are wider than that targeted by online advertising, basing on the differences between the purpose and the use of these two tools

5.      The income that an online marketing might achieve considers more and higher that that an online advertising might make

There are many other differences but these are the main ones

Hope that you find this post useful and helpful, for more information or for any legal advice please feel free to place your comment or question under this post. Thank you in advance

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Monday, 6 June 2011

Online Niche

Choosing the Right Niche Online, ( Online niche )
Yesterday I received a question about choosing a legitimate niche regarding the establishment of an online business. Which I believe it worth to be covered in a post

In order to make my view easier to understand, the post will contain the definition of the related areas and topics to online niche, in addition to how you can choose a niche and what you need to obtain to set a legit niche


A Niche is simply: “the specific element (place, time, price, person, area...etc) that a person chose basing on his aims and seeking after achieving his goals”

It should be noted that the term of niche is often use in regard to marketing, whereas any business or market must have a niche that base on in order to gain the required profit or goal

Therefore, the definition of online niche is simply:”the substantive area that you may choose to achieve the aims of an online business or online marketing”. Or “The special and expert area that you are intending to declare to the public”

The fundamental grounds to choose a niche:

1.      Identify the aims of your online business or online activity

2.      Set a well plan or structure that you can work on

3.      Determine the size of your business or activity

4.      Specify the market

5.      Choose the right method to market and advertise your business or service

6.      Gain a preview regarding the targeted customers or users

Notifications regarding a niche online:

1.      Online niche is a part of affiliate marketing. This is not true, as an online niche cannot specify in one area such as affiliate marketing. In fact, online niche can be used in any activity or business regardless the aspect of marketing, such as (blogging, geo niche and other unprofitable areas)

2.      Online niche can be set in later process. This is not true, as online niche is one of the basics that any successful business must rely and base on in the preparation process or stage. But you may modify your niche in later stages or processes

How to choose the right niche (the perfect niche):

1.      A niche is something you love (passion feature)

2.      A niche is something you gain knowledge about (knowledgeable aspect)

3.      A niche is something that others seek after (popularity)

4.      A niche is something you can easily understand and use (usability)

5.      A niche is something you can put an addition to it (additional aspect)

6.      A niche is something that can make your business or activity unique (newness)

7.      A niche is something that related to your personality (alternative picture)

What you need to obtain to set a profitable niche:

1.      Specify your area or field (expertise)

2.      Specify your main aims (why you chose this area)

3.      Identify your market

4.        Search for similar areas and ideas (using Google adwords, keywords and other services)

5.      Set a period structure

6.      Evaluate your results frequently

7.      Choose a simple and understandable areas

8.      Choose areas that hit a large number of traffic (but make sure that the competition is not high)

9.      Choose your advertising tools wisely

10.  Choose a trusted marketing methods

The legitimacy of online niche:

There is no specific rules (under laws or customs) that require a special or restricted terms to choose a niche online. Nevertheless, the legitimacy of any niche online corresponds with the method, tool, result, and marketing that you may adopt and apply while working on your niche. So make sure that your niche aims and goals have set legally in order to create a legit niche online

I hope that this post can add something new and useful to you, please comment and place your addition to enrich this post

Note: I meant to simplify the post content in order to be easier to any person to understand this important topic

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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Legit Profitable Business (Online Business 2011)

Legit profitable business (Online Business 2011)

Yes our post today is about how and what you need to set and establish a legit online business, a profitable legit business, in 2011. First allow me to define what I believe the simple definition of legitimate online business:

“That kind of activities that set online (internet) to provide, sell or market a service, product or personal knowledge for the purpose of commercial or civil intentions; by applying the necessary legal requirements and customs that set for that purpose”. This is simply how I identify online business and in which I can understand most of the new concepts and tools that cover such kind of business

Now to the first big question which is how you can establish a legit online business (2011)? Well, it is known that such kind of business can be easily set by any one nowadays, but it is hard or not clear regarding the legal requirements that online business must base on in order to be set legally

Therefore, if you are willing to set a legit online business, it is recommended to adopt and apply the follow tips and advises:

1.      Specify the type of your business. By clarifying your right niche, this is the first step to success in your business

2.      Identify your tools. By choosing the right methods to market and advertise your business, this step shall cover the basic elements to reach to your customers

3.      Specify your targeted customers. By illustrating what kind of online users might be interested in your business, this step shall give you a clear vision about how extant your business might be profitable

4.      Identify your service or product. In this step you must be careful and choose wisely what your business bases on, as you should provide or sell something that deem unique and useful in order to handle the high competition that might face you online

5.      Adjust your online shop, such as your site, blog, or any other online page you use for your business. This step shall give you the chance to control your business regarding the commercial, legal and technical features

6.      Provide a realistic offers or service. In order to legalise your business and to make it seems legit, you must always be honest and avoid any dreamy or unrealistic descriptions or advantages regarding your business, yourself, service or product

7.      Set your general terms briefly and set your main terms with enough details

8.      Avoid any repeat that you may use to highlight a point, instead make it appear clearly and leave the customer navigate what you present or provide

9.     Please read our previous posts because we do not like to repeat our posts

Why to adopt others methods, create your own method?!

In order to provide a unique business that seems interested to your customers, use and adopt a personal method of marketing that declared your personality or your business uniqueness. In this stage you may use any traditional tool of marketing and modify it in a way that show and include your personal touch, which would make it a special tool that advantage your business

 Online advertising and marketing:

It is unacceptable when users mix between these two differ concepts. Whereas, each concept has a special ground, tools and aims that differ from the other. In other words, online marketing deems wider and contain online advertising, whether regarding online business or any other online activity or transaction. Nevertheless, both concepts meet in one major point which is the aim of using such tools in regard with online business (to reach to customers). It should be noted that online advertising consider as one of online marketing tools (we will write a post regarding this point)

Most importantly, as a business owner you must distinguish between these concepts and you must use wisely when and where to use each concept in your business, in addition to how you may reach your targeted customers basing on these tools?

What is a profitable business?

Finally, in order to set a legit profitable business you need to identify the meaning of the profit that you are seeking after. As such term rely on the aim and purpose of establishing the business. Whereas, a profitable business may relate to money, traffic, global reach, uniqueness or any other purpose that you are aiming to reach and achieve of that business. So make sure to identify your profit term at first in order to make your path clear

I hope that you find this post useful and helpful. Please place your comment and addition in order to enrich this post

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