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This blog aims to provide our legal view that can help online users to understand and legalise their online activities by developing their skills and tools to create and understand the related question of how, what, where and when regarding to the following topics:
“Online business”
“Marketing” : “Internet marketing”, “online marketing”, “digital marketing”, “emarketing”, “e-marketing”, “affiliate marketing”, “email marketing”, “online advertising”, “internet advertising”, “Google”, “Google adwords”, “keyword tool”, “Google keyword tools”
“Legal services”, “legal aid”, “legal assistant”, “solicitors”, “compensation”, “claims”, “fraud”, “investigation”, “law online”, “law school”, “law schools”
“Internet business”
“Home based business”, “home business”
“Online contracting”
“Web agreements”
“Online protection”, “consumer protection”, “privacy”, “data protection”
This blog is your base to gain a legal knowledge and enlighten regarding the above topics, as we believe that most of the online users need such kind of service and information in order to avoid any online risk and for the purpose of protection, in addition to understand the legal requirements of the related topics
We hope that our service could help you
Mohammad Al-Thunibat
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