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Online Banking, what is it? its features, and how to open online account?

online banking
Online Banking, E-banking

This post aims to cover:

What is online banking?

What are the benefits of online banking?

E-banking, Is it secure?

What do I need to open an online account? How to open an online account?

What is an online banking?

That kind of services that provided by regular banks online (via the internet) in which allows its customers to manage and control their accounts through the internet, in addition to other features and by providing a high security service

What are the benefits of online banking?

1.      Move money (transactions); this feature allow the customer to make a financial transactions such as transfer money from account to another, paying bills or send money to others which deem as transfer money between different accounts

2.      Tracking your account; this feature provide to the customer the opportunity to track his/her account and gain proof of what transactions he/she made (statements)

3.      Security; each bank must provide to its customers a kind of security that protect him/her from any fraud or hacking, as some of the banks may give to the customer a security software in which aims to protect the login data that the customer inters to access to his/her account. Although, there are other services that banks may provide such as card-reader or security promise

4.      Managing your account; some banks provide services that allows the customer to control his/her direct debits and give him/her the right to update their details (such as e-mails or address ... etc)

5.      Help and support; online banking provide to its user a full support and help service 24 hours a day via a specified help service centre that provided by the bank

6.      Other services; such as loans, savings, credit cards and many others

E-banking, Is it secure?

Well, the answer is yes, as most of the banks provide a high technical and legal services and terms that aim to protect the customer from any unwanted or hacking acts, by providing a high technical services and software to do so. But you need to update your browser frequently as hackers or fraudsters find un-updated browsers easy to exploit security gaps in older browsers

What do I need to open an online account? How to open an online account?

Well, most of the banks require two main requests when a customer want to open an online account, these requirements are: (a regular account number and the sort code). However, others may add other requirements such as a credit card number. Herein, it is better to read the terms of use to know what exactly you are required to provide to open an online account

Regarding to how you can open an online account, you should understand and apply the following:

1.      Prepare the required papers or conditions, as mentioned above

2.      Visit the online address of your bank

3.      Browse its terms and conditions

4.      Navigate to reach to sign up feature, then click on that icon

5.      Fill the form, and make sure that you have correctly input your data and details as they must be genuine

6.      Walk through the guidance that provided by the banks’ site

7.      Finally wait to receive a confirmation e-mail from your bank

It should be noted that most of the banks do not contact with their customers via e-mails, so if you received an e-mail from a bank then think twice before acting and it is recommended not to respond to such e-mails, as the common way to contact with you is via post or regular notification

 At the end we hope that you find this post helpful and useful. For more details or questions please feel free to place your request under this post

Mohammad Al-Thunibat

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  1. for me, online banking is much easier for all my money matters transaction, payments, money transfer and checking balance.

    I think, so far i have not heard any fraud thing about online banking.

  2. first of all thank you for your comment
    in respect of online banking fraud, it is exist and usually it is up to the care and security that the user use while using this useful service, as mentioned in the post
    thank you again and be safe

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