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How to investigate about online business or offers, and where?

How to investigate about online business or offers, and where?
One of the important basics that I recommended, usually, to my friends or to any person (consumers) use the internet to buy or to sell, is to investigate before starting his/ her transaction. This tool is truly deemed the guarantee to consumers while purchasing through the internet. However, most of online consumers do not know how to investigate or where, so I’m writing this post to highlight the most secure and common sites that you can use in doing so
Ø  How to investigate?
In this part, you should know that there is no need to rush your online activities, especially when you deal with unknown person to you. Therefore, you should start collecting that party data (name, address, e-mail...etc), in order to be able to evaluate his/ her status which you should base on to decide dealing with him/ her or not
The mechanism to investigate relies on the nature of your activity and its place. As if you are dealing with a person who owns a site then you should investigate that person details in addition to his site. While, if you are dealing with a person who sell through trusty sites (such as Amazon or eBay) then you should investigate the status of that person by checking the evaluation of his transaction that the trusty sites, usually, provide
Ø  Where to investigate?
There are many tools that you can apply to investigate about a person or a site, which are mostly free through the internet. The first tool that you can use is by searching via, this site will give all the data you need about the domain name that you are dealing with, in which you can compare between the provided data that this site gave to you with the data that the seller or the site provided to you

The second tool that you can use is by searching via the governmental sites that provide to consumers some reports about fraud sites or offers in addition to valuable advices that you can adopt in your online activities. Although, such sites give you the right to place a claim in case of fraud or scam; see for examples:

The final tool that you can use if you are buying via trusty sites is by searching through the provided history of the seller (previous activities or transactions), which the trusty sites obliged to provide to their users; see for example:

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Mohammad Al-Thunibat

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