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How to start an online business

How to start an online business

Lately, I received a question regarding how to start a business online? Well, in order to set a legitimate online business you are required to adopt and apply some principles and rules that we talk about in previous posts. But what this post will cover:

Ø  How to start a business?

Ø  How to start up a legal business online?

Ø  How to start up a free online business?

Ø  How to set a profitable business online?

How to start a business

There are three main steps that you must consider to set a business, especially online business, these steps are:

1.      Foundation step: in this step you should declare and specify the type of your business, its costs, its place (whether online or offline), its size, the targeted customers...etc

2.      Operation step: in this step you will start dealing with the selling process, (or any other type that your business set for), which deem as the activation process between you and your customers

3.      Finalizing step: in this step you should specify and declare the legal, commercial and technical rules that organise and cover the purpose of your business. Such as a policy, term of use...etc (this step is a following step to the foundation step)

How to start up a legal business online

In order to start up a legal business you are required to adopt at least these concepts and principles: it should be noted that some of them illustrated in previous posts

1.      Information provided and description (avoid ignorance)

2.      Consumer protection

3.      Online protection (privacy and data protection)

4.      Trade mark

5.      Copyright

6.      Trust (online trust)

7.      A business must has a legit purpose

8.      Guidance (inform and guide your customers to read and review your terms of use and your policy)

9.      Delivery, shipping, payment... rules (these rules must be clearly presented by you)

10.  Restrictions and limitation

How to start up a free online business?

There are many ways to start up an online business for free, such as:

1.      Through emails

2.      Through social networking (such as facebook, twitter...etc)

3.      Through a free blog (BlogSpot, wordpress...etc)

4.      Through a commercial site (which give you an online page to sell through)

How to set a profitable business online?

In order to maintain a profitable business it’s recommended to consider and adopt the following:

1.      Choose a good niche

2.      Choose a unique product or service

3.      Avoid high competitor fields (at least at the beginning of your business)

4.      Work to develop your marketing methods, and use a legit ones

5.      Simplify the processes of selling

6.      Provide a well description

7.      Gain and work on granting online trust

8.      Provide a fair protection to your customers

9.      Provide and ask for feedback and reviews

10.  Use more than one method of payment

11.  Specify clearly your rules

12.  Provide a free gifts or info-products

13.  Sell a low cost items

These tips and advises may help you to spot the right type and the appropriate method to your business, but the hard work depend on you

I hope that we provide a useful post that can help you to understand and highlight the main points to start up your online business. Please feel free to leave your question or comment. And please let us know what is the most effective obstacle that you face regarding your business?

Mohammad Al-Thunibat

M & T

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