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Information product ( Info Product )

Information product ( Info Product )

“The definition and legitimacy of info-product”

First of all, the definition of info-product is returned to the purpose and grounds of establishing this kind of online or digital goods. Whereas, an info-product is:

that kind of online, digital or knowledge-based goods which contains a valuable information and content regarding a specific topic, in order to provide a certain view from an expert in which it can provide a useful data to the buyer or to the targeted customer

So, from this definition the features are:

The features of info-product:

Ø  Info-product is about a digital form product

Ø  It contains a valuable information and data

Ø  It is provided by an expert

Ø  It deals with specific topics

Ø  Its establishment rely on adding and providing useful information and data

The advantages of info-product:

Ø  It’s easy to create (all you need is an idea that deem valuable to others)

Ø  It’s cheap or in some cases you can set such kind of goods in no cost

Ø  It does not need that time to be delivered (as it delivers electronically)

Ø  It costs nothing regarding delivery

Ø  It can be formed in any digital form (flexibility, as you may form it in word, pdf, hard form...etc)

Ø  Its profit considers high (as the cost is deemed low or it may cost nothing)

The types of info-products:

Ø  EBooks

Ø  Newsletters

Ø  Reports

Ø  Media goods (video tutorials)

Ø  Research data

Ø  Analytical research

The legitimacy of info-products:

There are some major points and issues that you must consider if you are interested in such kind of business, which are:

Ø  The content: you must provide a high quality and valuable content, or your product may treat as a scam in future

Ø  Copy right: if you are providing an info-product you must refer information to its main writer if it has been taken from others...

Ø  Trust: in order to gain profit from selling such kind of products you need to maintain a trust (online trust)... see our previous post regarding this topic

Ø  Delivery: you must deliver your product as soon as possible, as any late can affect your business and its legitimacy

Ø  You must specified the process of payment and delivery (to avoid any future dispute)

Ø  You must provide a well description about the content, author and other info about the length, form...etc of your product (to avoid ignorance)

How to write or create an info-product:

Ø  The main steps:

1.      Research: if you want to create an info-product you need to know what users looking for in order to create a sellable product

2.      Knowledge: you should enhance your knowledge by reading about the topic you are intending to create in order to provide a valuable content

3.      Form: choose the right form that is suited to the content of your product

4.      Try to provide a simple method that can be understood by any one

Ø  Quality: if your product was not a high quality product then it may consider as a scam, so make sure that your info-product is a high quality product

Finally, I hope that we provide a useful post to you regarding info-product, if you have question or additions please leave your comment...

Please let us know about the main lacks that you face regarding this kind of business

Mohammad Al-Thunibat

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