Monday, 6 June 2011

Online Niche

Choosing the Right Niche Online, ( Online niche )
Yesterday I received a question about choosing a legitimate niche regarding the establishment of an online business. Which I believe it worth to be covered in a post

In order to make my view easier to understand, the post will contain the definition of the related areas and topics to online niche, in addition to how you can choose a niche and what you need to obtain to set a legit niche


A Niche is simply: “the specific element (place, time, price, person, area...etc) that a person chose basing on his aims and seeking after achieving his goals”

It should be noted that the term of niche is often use in regard to marketing, whereas any business or market must have a niche that base on in order to gain the required profit or goal

Therefore, the definition of online niche is simply:”the substantive area that you may choose to achieve the aims of an online business or online marketing”. Or “The special and expert area that you are intending to declare to the public”

The fundamental grounds to choose a niche:

1.      Identify the aims of your online business or online activity

2.      Set a well plan or structure that you can work on

3.      Determine the size of your business or activity

4.      Specify the market

5.      Choose the right method to market and advertise your business or service

6.      Gain a preview regarding the targeted customers or users

Notifications regarding a niche online:

1.      Online niche is a part of affiliate marketing. This is not true, as an online niche cannot specify in one area such as affiliate marketing. In fact, online niche can be used in any activity or business regardless the aspect of marketing, such as (blogging, geo niche and other unprofitable areas)

2.      Online niche can be set in later process. This is not true, as online niche is one of the basics that any successful business must rely and base on in the preparation process or stage. But you may modify your niche in later stages or processes

How to choose the right niche (the perfect niche):

1.      A niche is something you love (passion feature)

2.      A niche is something you gain knowledge about (knowledgeable aspect)

3.      A niche is something that others seek after (popularity)

4.      A niche is something you can easily understand and use (usability)

5.      A niche is something you can put an addition to it (additional aspect)

6.      A niche is something that can make your business or activity unique (newness)

7.      A niche is something that related to your personality (alternative picture)

What you need to obtain to set a profitable niche:

1.      Specify your area or field (expertise)

2.      Specify your main aims (why you chose this area)

3.      Identify your market

4.        Search for similar areas and ideas (using Google adwords, keywords and other services)

5.      Set a period structure

6.      Evaluate your results frequently

7.      Choose a simple and understandable areas

8.      Choose areas that hit a large number of traffic (but make sure that the competition is not high)

9.      Choose your advertising tools wisely

10.  Choose a trusted marketing methods

The legitimacy of online niche:

There is no specific rules (under laws or customs) that require a special or restricted terms to choose a niche online. Nevertheless, the legitimacy of any niche online corresponds with the method, tool, result, and marketing that you may adopt and apply while working on your niche. So make sure that your niche aims and goals have set legally in order to create a legit niche online

I hope that this post can add something new and useful to you, please comment and place your addition to enrich this post

Note: I meant to simplify the post content in order to be easier to any person to understand this important topic

Mohammad Al-Thunibat

“E-Commerce Lawyer”

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