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Home Based Business (its concepts and requirements)

Home Based Business (its concepts and requirements)

Our post today is about home based business “HBB”, this type of business considers as one of the most types that users misunderstand its concept and requirements. Therefore, our aim from this post is to identify these concepts and requirements in order to clarify such type of business easily and simply

So, in order to do so these questions should be answered:

What is home based business?

Well, home based business “HDD” is: one of the small business types in which its owner operate it from his home office, using the internet or other communication tools for the purpose of communicating with his/ her customers

What kind of concepts this business rely on?

It should be noted that home based business created for the purpose of owning a business (idea, service, product...etc) which the owner may use a small number of employees (usually his/her family or friends) to facilitate and operate that business

Nevertheless, there are number of concepts that must be clear to determine such kind of business, which are:

v  Home based business is a separate type of business; which mean that this type of business is not established as one of online marketing types or for marketing purposes (you may do that), as if you do so then you deal with home based marketing not business

v  In home based business the owner own the business; by owning an idea, service, product or such in which the owner build his business to generate money by selling what he owns. (in some cases you may not own what you sell, which mean that your business bases on mix concepts that cover home based business and other types such as affiliate marketing or online marketing)

v  In home based business the owner is not (or could not be) an employee; in other words if you established a home based business then you must understand that you are the owner of that business in which no one can control that business except you, as you do not work under the control of any one. So, if you are dealing with any business that you do not control it then that business is not your own, this point is one of the scam offers that exist online in which scammers use to mislead online users by claiming that what they provide is an opportunity to gain your own business which in fact is not

v  In home based business you are entitled as an owner; the responsibility that fall upon you in home based business is not as scammers claims, as you are entitled legally as an owner when you established such type of business, in which you must be careful and prepared in case you established a home based business

What requirements should I consider in my business?

Well, there are many requirements that you should adopt and apply in your business but at least you must adopt the follows:

v  Legit business; as some types are prohibited by some regulations to be adopted as home based business. So make sure that your business is not prohibited under the provisions of your regulations

v  Legit subject-matter (idea, service, product...etc)

v  Legit purpose and tools, that you may use to operate your business (see our previous posts)

v  Legit marketing (see our previous posts)

v  Legit advertising (see our previous posts)

v  Legit description and information that you may provide to your customers (see our previous posts)

v  Security, privacy, and protection (see our previous posts)

This is briefly what you should acknowledge about the concepts and requirements of home based business. Hope you find this post useful

Note: if you are interested in such kind of business we may help you building your own home based business (in regard to the legal side), just let us know by leaving your comment under this post

Mohammad Al-Thunibat

M & T

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