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Legit Profitable Business (Online Business 2011)

Legit profitable business (Online Business 2011)

Yes our post today is about how and what you need to set and establish a legit online business, a profitable legit business, in 2011. First allow me to define what I believe the simple definition of legitimate online business:

“That kind of activities that set online (internet) to provide, sell or market a service, product or personal knowledge for the purpose of commercial or civil intentions; by applying the necessary legal requirements and customs that set for that purpose”. This is simply how I identify online business and in which I can understand most of the new concepts and tools that cover such kind of business

Now to the first big question which is how you can establish a legit online business (2011)? Well, it is known that such kind of business can be easily set by any one nowadays, but it is hard or not clear regarding the legal requirements that online business must base on in order to be set legally

Therefore, if you are willing to set a legit online business, it is recommended to adopt and apply the follow tips and advises:

1.      Specify the type of your business. By clarifying your right niche, this is the first step to success in your business

2.      Identify your tools. By choosing the right methods to market and advertise your business, this step shall cover the basic elements to reach to your customers

3.      Specify your targeted customers. By illustrating what kind of online users might be interested in your business, this step shall give you a clear vision about how extant your business might be profitable

4.      Identify your service or product. In this step you must be careful and choose wisely what your business bases on, as you should provide or sell something that deem unique and useful in order to handle the high competition that might face you online

5.      Adjust your online shop, such as your site, blog, or any other online page you use for your business. This step shall give you the chance to control your business regarding the commercial, legal and technical features

6.      Provide a realistic offers or service. In order to legalise your business and to make it seems legit, you must always be honest and avoid any dreamy or unrealistic descriptions or advantages regarding your business, yourself, service or product

7.      Set your general terms briefly and set your main terms with enough details

8.      Avoid any repeat that you may use to highlight a point, instead make it appear clearly and leave the customer navigate what you present or provide

9.     Please read our previous posts because we do not like to repeat our posts

Why to adopt others methods, create your own method?!

In order to provide a unique business that seems interested to your customers, use and adopt a personal method of marketing that declared your personality or your business uniqueness. In this stage you may use any traditional tool of marketing and modify it in a way that show and include your personal touch, which would make it a special tool that advantage your business

 Online advertising and marketing:

It is unacceptable when users mix between these two differ concepts. Whereas, each concept has a special ground, tools and aims that differ from the other. In other words, online marketing deems wider and contain online advertising, whether regarding online business or any other online activity or transaction. Nevertheless, both concepts meet in one major point which is the aim of using such tools in regard with online business (to reach to customers). It should be noted that online advertising consider as one of online marketing tools (we will write a post regarding this point)

Most importantly, as a business owner you must distinguish between these concepts and you must use wisely when and where to use each concept in your business, in addition to how you may reach your targeted customers basing on these tools?

What is a profitable business?

Finally, in order to set a legit profitable business you need to identify the meaning of the profit that you are seeking after. As such term rely on the aim and purpose of establishing the business. Whereas, a profitable business may relate to money, traffic, global reach, uniqueness or any other purpose that you are aiming to reach and achieve of that business. So make sure to identify your profit term at first in order to make your path clear

I hope that you find this post useful and helpful. Please place your comment and addition in order to enrich this post

Mohammad Al-Thunibat

“E-Commerce Lawyer”


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