Tuesday, 31 May 2011

ONLINE TRUST ( Web Trust )


Is there a term called online trust, or a web trust? Is it a legal requirement regarding online business, online marketing or online advertisement? How can you build a trust online?

One of the most effective concepts and tools that can enhance and develop any online business, activity or transaction is the trust related to your business, activity or transaction. So, is there any way or method that you can apply in order to build such kind of trust online? How to make your online business seems trusty to others? What kind of tools you need?

What is online trust?

Online trust (or web trust) is simply: when others have a confidence on a person, site, online business, service, product...etc via the internet

Is it a legal requirement?

Well, online trust is not a specified term or condition that internet laws set or require in regard with online business, e-transaction, web agreements, e-commerce...etc. In fact, it is deemed as an important element that can assure the legitimacy and the secure of the person, business, service, product...etc that you are dealing with. However, online trust is returned to the online custom as the more you gain trust online the more your business or any other activity deemed legitimate, adoptable and applicable

How to build online trust?

There are many tips and tools that you can adopt and apply to increase or create a well online trust, but the basic tips and tools that you should apply are:

1.      Honest; always be honest about what you provide

2.      Good faith; by applying this important principle you can increase your online trust (web trust) in addition to avoid any illegal responsibilities regarding ignorance or any similar defects

3.      Generosity; be always generous whilst providing any information about the product you sell or advertise. This tool covers (information provided about yourself and your activity in addition to the description of your business, service product...etc)

4.       Clear and specify your aims and goals; do not leave any chance for ignorance, misunderstanding or technical lacks that others might face basing on what you provide

5.      Originality and uniqueness; provide or adopt a new and unique tools, methods, service or products that others might find as an advantage to deal with you

6.      Clarify your obligation before restricting the use of what you provide; assure and protect your users or visitors rights before concerning about yours

7.      Provide a well-written policy; as online users might find it as the guidance of using and browsing your site and service

8.      Avoid hidden links or advertisements; such kind of tools will increase the potential of losing your trust, just be honest and inform others clearly about what you provide and what you asking for

9.       Ask for honest reviews; the more you provide honest reviews the more your trust can be achieved

10.  No risks; do not provide or present risk service or asking for risk actions, as such kind of activities might affect your trust basing on the results of that risk

11.  Provide a well planning or time table process, especially if your business related to long period profit; such tool will show that you have set a well structure to manage your business and others as well

12.  Be flexible; try to follow others tips and advises when they right

13.  Adopt simple methods and consider that your users or visitors knowledge are different

14.  Secure your transactions; by adopting an authentication methods

15.  Set a well recognised signature or logo; in which it can present your assent

These tips and tools will grant to you some sort of trust in which you must work hard to keep and develop thereafter

Online trust, is it hard to gain or adopt?

Well, if you apply and adopt the points mentioned above then I assure you that you will gain a well trust that will help you in your online business or in any other online activity

Hope that you find this post useful and helpful, please evaluate it and give us your valuable view and comment, and if you have any question we will be happy to answer it. Be safe
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Mohammad Al-Thunibat
“E-Commerce Lawyer”


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