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Legitimate online business (The Description)

Legitimate online business (the description)

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One of the important elements that might affect the legitimacy of any online activity, business or transaction is the description used by the seller or provider of the service or good. This element consider as one of the fundamental concepts that any electronic transaction or business shall concern and adopt in order to set a legitimate transaction, activity or business via the internet

What we mean by legitimate description? Well, as we all know a description is a brief about specific subject, person, good, service or any similar topics. But the question here is there any legal requirement needed to be applied in any description?

The answer is simply and directly yes. In brief, the main legal requirements that should be applied and provided within any description are:

1.      Honest information; about what you sell (product), about the seller (person/ company/ site...etc), about the business, and such

2.      Contact details; such as e-mail, geographic address, mobile number... etc

3.      Financial information; about the price, delivery, TAX, VAT, or any additional costs

4.      Specific information about the product; such as quality, quantity, defects (hidden defects), how it may use, limitation of use... etc

Although, there are other types or additional features that may apply by the seller or provider which related to the description requirement; for example:

1.      Extra details about the product; by providing an image or video that describe the product

2.      Additional services; such as providing a warranty

3.      Additional details; by providing a review from a previous buyer

4.      Additional information about the delivery process

5.      Additional rights; by providing a test period of the product

In summary, the importance of the description does not stop on business requirements; it goes to cover the legitimacy of that business, activity or transaction. Whereas, any distance transaction or electronic transaction requires a well honest description that aims to present the reality of the provided product - and the other requirements (as mentioned above) - to the buyer in order to avoid the absence of the physical connection or communication between the parties or between the buyer and the product
So, if you are selling online or if you have an online business and you are really concern about its legitimacy, then you must consider this important element or requirement in your business or selling. On the other side, if you are a buyer make sure that the seller or the provider has presented a well description, as it considers as a great sign whether you deal with a legitimate online activity or not

How to provide a well description and how to market your words (description):

1.      Be honest

2.      Make sure that you have included all the legal requirements in your description

3.      Try to attach an image or video about what you sell

4.      Make your description specified

5.      Set a clear time period to the selling process

6.      Try to provide some reviews (gain trust)

7.      Provide as much details about yourself (as a seller or provider)

8.      Provide correct contact methods

9.      Put your personal view of the product you sell (realistic feature)

10.  Do not set a high limitations or restrictions (give your buyers the main rights granted by the law)

11.  Cover all the costs related to the deal (product price, delivery costs, TAX, VAT or other additional costs)

12.  Do not leave a place to any ignorance

13.  Respect your buyers mind (most of the buyers are well familiar with online selling nowadays) so be realistic in your description

Finally, I hope that you find this post helpful and useful. Please leave your comment or addition in order to enrich this post

Mohammad Al-Thunibat
“E-Commerce Lawyer”

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