Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Online business between lies and facts

Online business between lies and facts

Lately I’ve received a lot of questions and requests asking me to write again about the legitimacy of online business and marketing; after thinking, searching and reading I found that the best way to provide a legal simple post is by identifying the common lies and facts related to this kind of business

So, let’s start:

1.      Scammers claim that their service or product is beneficial with no consideration to the financial state of the user; so is that a lie or fact???

Well, this claim can be a lie and in the same time it could be a fact. Whereas, you may not need to spend money, in some cases, to sell a product; nevertheless, you may be asked to pay for the owner a sum of money in return of using his/her product or to pay to the site to join its service; in which you should pay a sum of money after all or you must do some efforts to be paid (to be paid you must pay or do something in return)

2.      Online business or marketing does not require time to generate money (no time required or make money now!!!), fact or lie??? It is a lie, as there is nothing called no time to generate money online. In fact, any success requires strategy and planning (TIME); in other words, in order to set or work with a legitimate online business you must spend time to successfully reach your goal. However, I personally deem the use of (no time required) as an evidence that such business is scam

3.      No experience is needed to make money online, lie or fact??? Well, it is a fact when the question refers to html or programming issues as you do not need to be an expert in such areas to make money online. But, it is a lie when its refer to the basics of managing your business; as you must gain experience on how to set a business online, how to sell, how to advertise to whom and where, how to describe your product, how to deliver, how to receive payments, how to negotiate...etc

4.      Wealth and richness, lie or fact??? The fact is you may generate money online but the big question is how much? The answer is simply rely on your product, business, users or buyers, how much you spend of time and effort, the cost of your products, your niche, the uniqueness of your business and product, where when and how you market your business...etc. So, in brief no one can grant to anyone wealth without those basic aspects, in fact no one can give you the true secret of how to legally make a huge sum of money online (as some use illegal methods to make that much of money, if they really do that)

5.      No selling required!!! Lie or fact??? Well, ask yourself this simple question am I working or dealing with a business here or not? Is it hard to answer this question? If someone told you that he is willing to give you money in return of nothing would you believe him??? Well, this is the situation here, with no selling there is no business simply as that. Advertising and marketing is part of the selling process, so if someone told you that all you should do is promoting or advertising his service or product without selling it, then know for sure that this person know nothing about online business or he is a scammer, because such activities deemed part of the selling process

6.      No legal responsibility!!! Lie or fact??? There is no business in this world grant you such thing. The fact is: each one of us is legally responsible about his activities (online activities as well) even if you clearly declared such thing in your terms and conditions as such term will be deemed illegal in some cases or oppressive. Responsibility is a matter of law and society protection which no one can ignore or misuse it

7.     Money in the list, lie or fact??? Well, the use of this sentence has been abused by scammers and spammers. Whereas, it is true that the more contacts you have the more your chances grow, but when you use that list legally. In other words, if you contact someone (by e-mail) to advertise your product and he’s not responded that means that he is not interested in such offer, and if you keep sending to him such offers without his permission you will be treated as a spammer. In brief what I’m trying to say is that the money is not just in the list; my fact is: the money is in you, your business, tools, skills, niche, respect, trust, protection provided to your costumers, respecting others privacy, uniqueness, legit marketing...etc, there where you find the money and that’s how you can make money by, not just by relying on the list

I hope that you find this post useful and helpful. I encourage you to share your valuable thoughts and comments here

Mohammad Al-Thunibat
“E-Commerce Lawyer”

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