Sunday, 1 May 2011

Why you must concern about your online legal knowledge?

Why you must concern about your legal knowledge while using the internet?
One of the common questions that I keep receive is why should I concern about my legal knowledge? Well, the answer that I usually use is: “because every single thing in our life is governed legally, whether by law, custom, traditional rules or any other similar rules”. These rules governs our lives from birth until death; in which your online activity is governed by these rules as well
Let me give you an example, when you receive a spam e-mail you feel angry and uncomfortable because the person who’s sent that e-mail (spammer) has not consulted or asked for a permission to send that e-mail, which is the same situation when you find something unwanted inside your home that sent by unknown person, right? Well, in the last situation you know that you have a lot of options (legal options) to deal with such case, but do you know what option do you have in case of receiving a spam e-mail?? (This should make you look and seek after legal knowledge)
Another example, if someone stole from you a sum of money or anything else I believe you know what you should do, but do you know how to deal with online scam? Or even do you know when an activity deems a scam or not? Do you know how to create an online evidence to prove such illegal activity?
My Last example; when someone use your ID card for any purpose (without your permission) you will run fast to the nearest police station to report or make a complaint, right? But do you know what your right is when someone uses your online data (personal data) or what to do in such case? Do you know how to protect your personal data? Or Have you ever concerned about your online ID?
For the reasons above, I encourage you all to improve your legal knowledge, at least in the activities that you daily use online. This will protect you, help you build a legit business, increase the trust and decrease the risks of using the internet, in addition to many other reasons
Mohammad Al-Thunibat

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