Friday, 6 May 2011

Let’s Fight online scam ( Create your own protection )

Let’s Fight online scam ( Create your own protection )

It is known that online scam is one of the most affective activities that concern online users and the governments nowadays. This kind of activities costs us and our countries a huge amount of money every year. Our priority as users must focus on how we can help our governments, ourselves and other users to decrease and avoid this real problem
In order to fight this problem we must:

1.      Protect ourselves from scammers and fraud transactions; by working on developing our legal knowledge regarding our rights, protection, privacy...etc (as long as you know your risk will decrease)

2.      Build a secure society; by inform others about scam activities or suspicious activities

3.      Engage with our governmental activities; one of the most effective steps to be adopted and applied by us is by follow what our governmental sites recommend and advice to fight such activities and to protect ourselves from scammers

4.      Report a scam; we must (and I highly recommend this step) report any scam activity as soon as possible to our local police in addition to our governmental sites. This step does not stop on our protection it is extremely important as it will create a secure field or environment that scammers must work harder to breach; although, by applying this step we will provide a huge source of information that will protect us and others from online fraud or scam

5.      Interact with the posts, articles and reports that deal with this topic; as the more you interact with others the more you gain knowledge and tips to fight and protect yourself from scammers

These tips and steps must be our concern nowadays to use the internet safely

Hand by hand to create our online protection

Mohammad Al-Thunibat

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