Wednesday, 27 April 2011

How To Report A Scam, Part 2

Report a scam (US)
If you were a victim of a scam that made by an individual or a company in the US or if you have a suspicious about such actions, then you can report any scam to one of the follow sites (governmental sites), which will receive your report in order to deal with it as it should be. See for example:
Ø  Federal Trade Commission:
The process is simple to be followed by any user without any need to ask anyone to help you. But before start anything it is recommended to read this site policy:

Although, if you were a victim of scam by a person who lives outside your country, then you may report that scam to:
This site is established In April of 2001, responding to the challenges of multinational Internet fraud, and working to enhance consumer protection and consumer confidence in e-commerce, 13 countries unveiled, a joint effort to gather and share cross-border e-commerce complaints. Today, consumer protection agencies in 26 countries participate in this initiative
It is recommended to read “about us”, “members” and “privacy policy” before submitting your complaint to this organization (site)
The form contains the follow sections:
1.      Your contact information
2.      Your complaint
3.      Additional comments
Note: You do not need to complete every field. However, 3 fields are required - these are marked with a *. The more information you provide, the more useful your complaint will be

Hope that you find this post useful
Mohammad Al-Thunibat

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