Wednesday, 30 March 2011

5 facts that you should acknowledge whilst contracting online, (online business)

5 facts that you should acknowledge whilst contracting online, (online business)
As a user who browse the internet daily or frequently, or as a seller who seeks to sell his products online, there are five facts you should acknowledge in such kind of transactions, which are:
1.      Distance:  this substantial fact should create a high method of investigation by the person using the internet, whether it was a user, buyer or seller. As transactions made in distance require some special rules that affect the user, buyer or seller rights and obligations, in regard to the applicable laws
2.      Signature: it is known (well known) that any evidence require two main elements, the first element is the record, while the second is signature. Herein, you should keep and record all the e-mails that you’ve used to conclude contracts electronically, although you should save any confirmation page that contained your contract information and details, for the purpose to be used in evidence in case of any future disputes. As in e-mails a signature might be a name of the sender or the e-mail address itself in other cases, while in web contracts a signature might be a code or digital symbol provided and contained via the confirmation page that provided by the dealer site
3.      Payment: one of the major lacks nowadays is returned to the legal method of payment that online users shall apply whilst concluding an e-contract. Most of the users – online buyers or sellers- acknowledged that e-payments may deem unsafe in case of dealing with unknown person especially in online business. Therefore, the best way to avoid unsafe transactions, is by using an alternative method of payment that is not user main resource or basic account in business, in addition to other legal process that you should apply such as authentication or the use of authenticated authorities
4.      Performance: the performance in the electronic environment differ than traditional market or business. Whereas, in e-business –for example- the performance of the contract might be fully online (non-physical)  such as software or digit services, or it might be semi online for example one of the parties may perform the contract digitally while the other party may require to act physically. The importance here determine when you acknowledge the right legal method to perform your contract, by knowing your legal rights and obligations before and after the performance process
5.      Behaviours or actions: one of the important tips and advices that I always give is: “do not ever act or react digitally (technically) when you do not have that much of knowledge” (especially in the legal basics of online business or e-transactions). As in such kind of business or transactions you must secure or protect yourself by applying some common acts that is acknowledgeable to you legally and technically
In the end, please do not think that you can easily manage any online business without any legal and technical instruments, where each one of us should work, plan and learn to gain success in any type or kind of business
Mohammad Al-Thunibat

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