Thursday, 31 March 2011

5 reasons why you should consult lawyers in your online activities, (online business)

5 reasons why you should consult lawyers in your online activities, (online business)
Do you know that any type of business that set online require some legal process and restrictions, no matter the size or the ground of your online business, whether it was small or highly professional business. So, if you are looking to legalise your online business then you have to apply and concern about the following:
1.      The place and time of concluding a contract: where and when a contract is deemed concluded online? What is the place of online contract?... etc
2.      The necessary terms and conditions to be set in your web licenses or agreements: what type or forms of terms and conditions that you should establish? And what terms that you should secure and provide before start your online business (privacy, data protection, and so)?... etc
3.      Consumer protection: what kind of protection that you should provide and grant to your buyers (consumers)?... etc
4.      Unfair terms and conditions (unfair agreements, especially web agreements): when your terms and conditions deemed unfair and unenforceable in face of consumers? How you can avoid the unfairness terms legally?... etc
5.      Authenticate and demonstrate contracts or agreements the concluded electronically or online: how to provide an authenticate service that allow you to record your activities to be used in future as evidence in case of any dispute? What you should provide to consumers regarding such rule? ... etc
Accordingly, anyone want to set an online shop -(sell through the internet)- should or must learn about those 5 rules or process in order to provide a legit online business, or in other words to legalise his online activities whilst dealing and contracting with other users or consumers in distance, so if you do not know how to set and provide such rules or if you found it hard to do then you have to consult a legal expert (lawyer) to help you achieve these important rules or process in order to provide a legit business or you might find yourself facing some legal problems in your business
Note: I cannot answer or explain all of these rules in just one post because each one can be taken as a rich topic to be determined, managed and organised; therefore, If you have any question related to any of these rules please do not hesitate to ask and I’ll do my best to answer your questions or comments
Mohammad Al-Thunibat

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