Sunday, 13 March 2011

The truth of E-commerce in Jordan

The truth of E-commerce in Jordan
Mohammad Al-Thunibat
Keywords: e-commerce, e-commerce law in jordan, the truth of e-commerce, ETL
Jordan is one of the  middle east countries, which consider as one of the biggest growing middle east countries in business generally and e-commerce nowadays (especially in B2B transactions).  Where according to the survey that the Arab Advisors Group (AAG) made in sep 2010, Jordanian users spent around $192 million in online transactions. Whereas, the survey covered 3% of the population, as it estimated the number of Jordanian users who practice e-commerce to be more than 181,000.

JO - 6,407,085 population (2010) - Country Size: 89,342 sq km
Capital city: Amman - population 1,206,266 (2010)
1,741,900 Internet users as of June/10, 27.2% penetration, per ITU.
1,061,080 Facebook users on August 31/10, 16.6% penetration rate.

On the legal side, I could not miss or overstep the real legal gap that the Electronic Transaction Law (ETL) created in face of Jordanian users. This law regulated based on the UN standard law (UNCITRAL) in 2001. However, its rules deems as general and wide to be treated as a practical domestic law that aims to cover and govern e-transactions in an appropriate legal method.
Moreover, such law really deem as a practical obstacle that effect Jordanian users practices especially consumers, as it does not contain or provide any protection for consumers whilst contracting or purchasing online or through e-means. Due the fact that such principle can increase the use of online and electronic transactions in Jordan especially in B2C transactions
Therefore, I recommended that such law should be modified to cover consumer protection in addition to other legal principles and concepts (which will be presented in future)


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