Friday, 11 March 2011

The effect of revolutions (Arab revolutions) on their international agreements

The legal effect of Arab revolutions on their international agreements, By Mohammad Al-Thunibat,
Our topic today is about revolutions and its effect on the international (business or political) agreements
It is clear to all of us that Arab countries nowadays live in a critical stage that purpose to re-organise its regimes, as we saw in Tunisia, Egypt and with more consideration to the situation in Libya. These revolutions (freedom) may result some legal implications especially in which the international agreements shall deem untouchable or non effectible from such actions
So, is it possible to say that international agreements may terminate in case of revolutions? and on what ground the answer is based on?
The answer is simply yes, as most of the international agreements that the selector countries established based on one sided view and decision (by the leaders or their regimes) without any considerations to their people or countries needs. Which in case of revolution such agreements are possible to be questioned and effected after the revolution is successfully finished
In what ground such answer is based on, well it is known that any agreement or contract might, legally, terminate by the death of its party or by losing its capacity. Which in case of the presence of revolutions, that the selector countries faced or faces, the regime might deem as died (such as the situation in Tunisia), or it might deem as it’s lost its capacity as the situation in Egypt and more clearly in Libya (by treating it as a legal person). Whereas, such regimes will no longer deem as legally qualified to conclude, form or perform any agreement or contract during or after revolutions
Therefore, the step that the French government made by legalise the national committee deems as a bright, educated and practical step to grant its legal and ethical benefits and principles. Although, the step that the UK, USA, Austria and other countries made by freeze the banking accounts for leaders and regimes considers as a legal step to manage the implications of such revolutions. Nevertheless, these countries should not stop in such step they should also re-create another or alternative accounts that the frozen accounts shall transferred to, especially in Egypt case and more importantly Libyan situation in order to legally finish any manifestation of the x regimes


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