Sunday, 27 March 2011

Legit online business!!

Legit online business!!
By Mohammad Al-Thunibat
The best 3 tips that you should consider and apply whilst dealing or purchasing with a business party or any individual party online (online business):

Number 1:
look for the information provided (personal details) by the seller or any site, this step is one of the basic elements that you have to consider whilst using the internet in your daily use or business. The most important information that you should look for are:
Name, geographic address, e-mail address, the financial details such as the cost of products and the additional costs such as VAT, tax and delivery costs
Number 2:
you should deeply evaluate the description provided by the seller or via any site in a way allow you to define and criticise any hidden, mistakable or unclear points, information or like so. To be able to do so you are not required to be highly professional (technically or legally), all what you should do is looking for the description provided by the site or the seller as a separate product, as if you feel that the description is appropriate to be bought then the product will be the same
Number 3:
you should always search for similar products in an alternative sites and compare your results to reach to a beneficial outcome which will help your evaluation accordingly, although you must consider one of the fundamental instruments that you will need in case of scam or fraud which is your evidence, in this stage you must deal with sellers or sites that allow you to contact them directly (which your records –emails- will deem as proof), and you should deal sellers or sites that allow you to gain a copy of your deal to be use in case of any future dispute

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