Thursday, 10 March 2011

lesson two: The advantages and disadvantages of the internet:

The advantages:
1- Information: you can find any information about mostly anything via the net using search engines such as Google..
2- Communication: you can communicate with any person globally by using communication instruments such as e-mails
3- E-commerce: you can buy almost anything from anywhere
4- Entertainment: you can find many ways of entertainments such as video games, music and others
5- Services: you can has many services via the net such as banking, job search...etc
6- Formation of communities: you can improve and enhance your knowledge and backgrounds by using the provided communications through the internet
The disadvantages:
1- Pornography: such service might harm children minds and social ethics
2- Spamming: such disadvantage presents by unwanted or unnecessary e-mails
3- Theft of personal details/information: your personal details might be in risk by using it by 3rd party or any other person who’s not authorised to do so
4- Virus threat: this disadvantage bases on programme which might your computer hard disk

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