Monday, 28 March 2011

Scam advertisements and offers

Scam advertisements and offers
I noticed that there are so many advertisements and offers through the Internet claims that they will provide richness to those willing to join and register with their programs or software (service)
For the importance of such issues for many users browsing the Internet daily searching for online business, home based business or any other opportunities grant to them fast and easy money, I’m writing this post to them alerting them that you may or in some cases you are a targeted victim by such scam programs or offers
In order to highlight and provide my view simply, you should ask yourself this question why those people willing to share their money with me, especially that I’m not highly qualified to do such business -in fact such offers targeted those who are not qualified and those seeking desperately for richness- as in business it is known that you have to make more not to lose more?!!
Well, the answer is simple: you are facing two types of offers in such case. As, the first type claim to grant you richness in return of nothing!!! While the second type claim the same aim but in return of some actions (providing list of contacts which willing to pay the registration fees seeking after richness as well)!!
In this point you have to think wisely, as such business or offers seek for richness indeed but not for you instead they used you for that purpose in return of some tiny amount of money that consider nothing comparing to the real money that they made from you and others by trying their system
However, there are many other types of offers and opportunities across the Internet which are legit, but they do not grant you richness, in fact no one can grant you such thing in return of nothing or in return of some little effort you made (which is couple hours weekly as they claim)
So if you are looking for legit online business, home based job and so, my advice to you that it is better to set your own business through free hosting sites –which are existed online- and start making your wealth step by step, surly with some planning and knowledge
Wish you the best in your own business
I’m writing –nowadays- an eBook that explain the most important and necessary elements and basics that any user should acknowledge and consider before and after starting his own online business, or electronic transactions, in addition to the legal process that you should acknowledge about legit and scam offers, business or online activity; and the legal process to claim your rights in case of fraud or scam activity
Mohammad Al-Thunibat

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