Monday, 4 April 2011

Home Based Business, What should you legally know about it

Home based business, what you sould legally know about it, (online business)
According to a common question that seems a big issue to some users interested to get some sort of income via the internet whilst working from home, this post will determine some of the legal requirements (tools and types), which you should consider if you are looking to use such kind of business
Ø  Basic tools that should be obtained by the user:
1.      At first, you must have a legit access to the internet, (some users will understand what I mean by that)
2.      You must acknowledge the fundamental concepts that home based business rely on, such as how to create an e-shop or e-store, how to market online, how to join an affiliate program, how to sell, how to deliver, how to get paid (receive a payment)...etc
3.      You should have a general knowledge about the basic rights and obligations in which such kind of business might require, such as protection, information requirements, privacy, data protection, copy right...etc
4.      You must have a list of contacts (legit contacts) to whom you are intended to sell your products or target your business; legit contacts herein mean some people which are willing to hear from you in regard to your business (no spamming messages)
5.      You must sell legit products (good or software) or join a provider which sell a legit products, do not sell anything until you grant its legitimacy
Ø  The common types:
1.      Selling via your own e-shop, in this type you must have your own site or blog which allow you to contact with buyers in order to sell what you want
2.      Selling within a legit commercial site, in this type you may use such sites as a place of business which you can sell your or their products based on your contact list or other users
3.      Selling by e-mail, in this type you shall base on your list in which you will focus in order to sell your or other products directly or by referring them to the seller site
Note: by using the word selling we cover selling and advertising
In summary, if you are interested in home based business then you should know (at least) these tools and types. However, there are other tools and types that you might find through the internet which deemed more technical than these posted above
For further information, questions or advices please feel free to leave your comments or questions, and I’ll do my best to replay as soon as possible
Mohammad Al-Thunibat

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