Friday, 1 April 2011

Affiliate programs!!! Are they legit??

Affiliate programs!!! Are they legit??
I’ve been asked many times about the legitimacy of affiliate programs, and are they legally safe? What are my obligations and rights whilst working with such systems? How can I avoid scam programs? And other similar questions
In order to answer these questions I should inform you that any program or software cannot in itself consider legit or scam, unless it’s established to harm users’ PC as a virus (digital disease). Therefore, if you are looking for a legal answer you should consider the following facts:
Ø  Affiliate programs based on agency rules and concepts, in other words if you are intending to use an affiliate program that’s mean that you are willing to sponsor the product – that you chose to sell- by recommended it to other users to buy it in order to grant a percentage from selling that product. However, in other cases you will be paid if you referred other users to join the site that you are promoting. In this stage you are recommended to investigate the product that you have chosen in order to legalise your activities (using the affiliate program), as the system itself shall not deem scam, while the product or the owner might deem scam or scammer, therefore if you were represented scam product or a scammer you will be treated as so
Ø  Do not use unauthenticated sites that provide an affiliate program, even if your percentage were highly evaluated; where you may find yourself - in the end of the day- facing a legal claim as a part of scam offer or deal which you should avoid
Ø  Think as a buyer or regular user before choosing your product or the site you are promoting, as this tool will give you two main benefits. The first benefit: you will be able to evaluate what you can sell or advertise. The second: you can estimate the legal position of your activities by considering the real use and benefits of buying or joining what you plan to sell or promote
Ø  Do not join any affiliate program that does not contain a highly professional terms and conditions in addition to the status of privacy. Where, legit sites and owners - that use affiliate programs to sell their products or to gather a huge amount of users- usually declare the major rights, obligations, legibility, privacy and restrictions in the terms and conditions of use of their program. Therefore, you can use this point as an evidence to evaluate the legitimacy of the party which provide such programs
Ø  Avoid any affiliate program that ask you for fees at the beginning, before testing their system
There are so many tools and ways that you can use to evaluate the legitimacy of affiliate programs, but you may use these tools to gain a legal knowledge of how can you evaluate the legitimacy without any legal consultants in this stage
For more details and information please feel free to leave your question and I’ll do my best to answer it as soon as possible
Mohammad Al-Thunibat

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