Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Web Agreements

Web Agreements, (The agreement of use)
“You need to know the following terms in order to legalise your online activities, in a way that can protect your rights and decrease your risks”
By Mohammad Al-Thunibat
Web agreement is a term that is known as Term of Service (TOS) or Term of Use. These terms, however, lead to one main source which is the site that provide the service, in which such terms set to be accepted by online users in order to use the service
In other words, a web agreement is about number of terms that set in advance by the service provider (for example eBay, Amazon, PayPal...etc), in which any person who want to use such service must accept and agree to abide the provided terms in order to use that service
It should be noted that such kind of agreement shall be questioned (not all of the terms are binding), with regard to the laws of consumer protection
The terms that a web agreement contain: (these terms deserve to be read by any user because they legally control users’ activity and the use of the service)
The most common and important terms that any online or web agreement must contain are:
1.      Definitions, parties, addresses, account terms (if the user required to join), third party...etc
2.      Jurisdiction Disclaimers, and disputes
3.      Body content: which cover service Descriptions, time, limitations, changing the terms, termination, the use of service by the user,
4.       Security and data protection (privacy)
5.      Responsibilities (whether user or the provider responsibilities)
6.      Fees and payments (cover also tax issues)
7.      Modification terms, (in case of modify any terms in future)
8.      And some providers use a term that called Miscellaneous, which cover the use and the process of the service

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