Monday, 18 April 2011

How You Can Establish A Legitimate Online Business

What you need to consider and apply in order to establish a legitimate online business (via the internet)
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This post aims to answer some questions that some users asked me to write about, in addition to determine the basics that any user need to establish an online business using the internet. In doing so, we should take this topic in three sections. The first will cover the basic requirements. The second will cover technical skills. While the third shall cover the legal tools and process that you need to establish a legit online business.
Section 1: Basic Requirements:
1.      You need a computer or laptop (the tool of use)
2.      Internet access, you must have a legit access to the interne
3.      You need an e-shop, (website, blog, page on a website, e-mails...etc)
4.      You need some sources to contact people (this requirement is part of the technical skills as well)
5.      You need a product or service
6.      You need to set a payment method (PayPal for example)
7.      You need to gain knowledge on your business (specify and determine your niche). This is one of the important basics
Section 2: The Technical Skills: (related to online marketing and internet use)
1.      You need to know how to set an advertisement, and where
2.      You need to know how to drive traffic
3.      You need to build a list of contact
4.      You need to spend time and effort, (online business is not easy as some users claim as it requires patience and time)
5.      You need to know how to set a fair description
6.      You need to know how to navigate the internet (searching, investigating, advertising, targeting...etc)
7.      You need to know how to create trust in your business
8.      You need to build a section where people review and comment in your service, this tool will increase your selling and trust
9.      You need to know how and when you can collect users’ data
10.  You need to evaluate your business incessantly, in order to correct any mistakes or to resolve any technical problem ...etc
Section 3: The Legal Tools:
1.      You need to know how to collect data legally
2.      You need to provide a protection to your users, (increase trust and protection)
3.      You need to respect users’ privacy
4.      You need to know how to set a contract (at least the basics)
5.      You need to know your rights and obligations, and to specify them in your deals
6.      You need to provide a method that allow users to correct any electronic mistake
7.      You need to provide a full and honest information about your details (name, address, e-mail, contacts...etc), in addition to realistic description
8.      You need to provide a specific rights to your users such as the right to withdraw and refunding
9.      You need to clarify the terms of jurisdiction and dispute in your agreements, in order to avoid any conflict in future
10.  You need to record each deal you make in addition to the exchange of your e-mails with the buyers
11.  You need to know some facts about e-signature and authentications, regarding how to use them and where
12.  You need to know when you should generalize a term or specify it, as this tool will protect you from any misunderstanding that users might use as an evidence
Finally, I have to say that these requirements and tools are not all what you need to set a legit online business, as there are many others, but at least you need to know and apply the points above
For more details or questions please feel free to leave your comment or question and I’ll replay as soon as possible
Mohammad Al-Thunibat
“E-commerce lawyer”


  1. articles about Internet business will not be endless if discussed, but the article about How You Can Establish A legitimate Online Business to provide knowledge for me, may be useful also for others .. thank you, keep blogging

  2. thank you
    my aim from establishing this blog is to provide some legal basics that can help people to build a success legitimate business, and to others to show them how they can protect themself from scammers
    in addition to answer any legal problem that anyone face in regard to my field

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