Wednesday, 27 April 2011

How To Report A Scam

Report a scam (UK)
One of the important tools to avoid and fight scams is by reporting them, if you were a victim of a scam or when you suspicious one
This tool is important to be used by all of us to decrease the huge number of scam actions via the internet, it is an obligatory action nowadays especially if you were a victim, as others rely on such reports to help them avoid such kind of actions whilst using the internet
Consumer provides to the UK citizens an opportunity to report any online scam, by filling a simple report that presented in this link:
This report contains four sections:
1.      Details about trader

     2. Details about the scam

     3. Details about the reporter

    4. How did you know about their service

After you finish you can click submit

Note: do not use such tool to harm others, (Please be aware it is a criminal offence under sections 5(2) of the 1967 criminal law act if you knowingly make a false report)
For more details and advices visit:
Mohammad Al-Thunibat

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